Coffee Cream Porter.

ABV: 5.2%  |  IBU: 35

This rich porter’s flavors and name are inspired by a Starbucks white chocolate mocha. We turned to our neighborhood coffee shop, Undergrounds Coffee House & Roastery, to create a beer even better than the Starbucks favorite.

Undergrounds’ Columbian beans are combined with Saaz hops, chocolate and roasted malts (for both color and flavor), and lactose. We purchase the coffee beans whole, give them a coarse grind and add them to the whirlpool of ingredients using hop socks.

Buckstar starts with the strong, rich flavor extracted from the coffee beans. You won’t find bitterness in this brew though. The coffee flavor transitions into a body with caramel notes and offers a crisp finish.


2019 TAP NY Craft Beer & Food Festival: Silver Medal, Porter Category

Buckstar can next to beer in glass on bar

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