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About Pressure Drop

West Coast Inspired Beer

Like many great ideas before it, the idea to open a brewery of our own was conceived after a long night of beers. Karl, who would years later become our head brewer, began homebrewing while living in California a decade ago.

After homebrewing for a couple of years, he decided (over one too many beers) that his ambitions were bigger than his current setup. Karl’s time crafting brews on the West Coast, both at home and in California’s craft brewery scene, shape the beer we brew in Buffalo.

Three Space Monkey cans on the bar

Why Pressure Drop?

We chose to name our brewery Pressure Drop Brewing for two reasons. Our name references the barometric pressure changes that must occur for lake effect snow to form. When low-pressure system sweeps across Lake Erie, it makes room for the frigid air necessary for Buffalo’s infamous winter weather. Secondly, when we transfer beer from one tank to another, there is a drop in pressure. And we transfer a lot of beer here!

Blackalicious in a glass on the bar

Brewed and Served in Buffalo

We brew beer for craft enthusiasts and domestic drinkers alike. Over the last few years, Western New Yorkers have gotten to know the unique flavors, experimental collaborations and fun one-offs Pressure Drop Brewing gets excited about.

Our beers are always on tap at our Elmwood Ave. pub, located in vibrant Black Rock. We continue to brew our beers in Buffalo’s Old First Ward, just as we have since Pressure Drop Brewing began. The neighborhoods we call home are a testament to Buffalo’s industrial past and exciting future!

The Brains Behind the Beer.

It takes a team to brew this much beer. We weren’t always in the business of good beer, but we’re glad we made the switch.

Karl Kolbe and Lexi Craine smile at the brewery

Contact Us

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, join us for a cold beer at our Elmwood Ave. pub!