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Craft Beer Collabs

Let’s Get Brewing

We love talking beer with other brewers. Often, those chats grow into a collaboration between Pressure Drop Brewing and the breweries we admire. We’ve created beer with breweries big and small. Our collaborative recipes have been brewed near and far.

What starts as an idea tossed into conversation over a cold one grows into a complete craft beer collaboration. Together, we build a beer’s recipe and choose a name people won’t be able to forget. Then, we get to brewing – sometimes at our place and sometimes at theirs.

We love sharing the brewing process with other brewers. These beers highlight the best of our brewer and the strengths of our partners. Plus, we get to share the final product with craft beer enthusiasts in Buffalo and beyond!

Pressure Drop Brewing beer in a glass at the taproom

Craft Beer Collabs

Since our inception in 2017, we’ve been honored to brew with some of the beer industry’s best.

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