West coast inspiration.

East coast locale.

The idea for our brewery was concocted as most great ideas are – after a long night of beers.

Our Story

Our Head Brewer, Karl Kolbe, learned the art of home brewing by Gabe Maloney, one of our owners. Karl and Gabe invented recipes together for a total of 10+ years. About two years into that stretch, Karl called Gabe after enjoying one (seven) too many Chuckanut’s Lager and told him he wanted to open a brewery. Upon sobering up, Karl’s ambition was still the same and this time Gabe was on board. Karl promptly got a job with a West coast craft brewery to do some personal research into how a brewery runs. After working there for over 2 years, in all facets of the business, Karl decided he was ready to branch off on his own. He and Gabe visited several potential properties in northern California, but then Karl came back home to Buffalo for a personal trip.

Upon seeing the city’s revitalization and hearing of all the small business incentives, Karl made the decision to open the brewery in Buffalo. During the brewery’s inception Karl asked Matt Miller for assistance in writing the business plan and putting together some numbers. After tasting Karl’s beer, Matt happily accepted and signed on as another owner. As Matt lives in San Diego, he wanted some eyes on the ground that he knew, which led him to ask Lexi Craine to join the operation as the manager. Upon seeing Karl’s passion and excitement for this new venture, Jim Kolbe wanted to get in on the action as well; becoming another partner.

Located inside The Barrel Factory

Our Locale

Once the decision was made to open the brewery in Buffalo, Karl spotted the unique space of The Barrel Factory on Buffalo Rising. After talking to the owner and learning the intentions of the space, Karl knew this was something he wanted to be part of. The building was erected in 1904 and originated as an actual (slack) barrel factory. The building took 3 years to renovate but is now a one-stop shop for everything craft beverage-related – including Pressure Drop Brewing, Lakeward Spirits, Leonard Oakes Winery, and their newest project: Bar Cultivar and Snowy Owl Kombucha.

Event Calendar

The Beer

Mildly Hazardous
Brown Ale

3.7%, 9 IBU. Light chocolate notes on the palate with the tiniest hint of roast. An extremely light bodied drinker with just enough flavor that you can crush it all day and not get bored.

Citra Screamer
CA Golden Ale

4.9%, 22 IBU. Plenty of citrus aroma on the nose that moves into an amazingly, light bodied crusher. A mild hop presence with a crisp, clean lager-like finish.

Pale Ale

5.0%, 30 IBU. A pale ale brewed with English yeast, noble hops, and a small bit of Cascade and Centennial hops. Comes across as earthy and spicy with a hint of citrus and pine. A high wheat profile has this beer finishing light and crisp.

Coffee Cream Porter

5.2%, 21 IBU. Features Colombian beans from (local) Undergrounds Coffe House & Roastery. Starts with a strong, rich coffee flavor without any bitterness and includes smooth, caramel notes and a crisp finish.

Belgian Blonde Ale

6.0%, 15 IBU. Starts with a nice light Belgian note of banana and clove which transitions nicely to the palate, light bodied with a crisp finish. The perfect summer beer created in early winter.

Sticky Trees

Awarded a Bronze Medal in the American IPA category at the NYS Craft Beer Competition 2019!

6.5%, 45 IBU. Has hints of grapefruit and citrus on the nose, with loads of dank resin to back it up. Well balanced with a moderate ABV and low IBUs with that telltale west coast crisp dry finish.

Pitter Patter

6.0%, 55 IBU. A classic West coast IPA done with Cascade and Centennial hops. Strong pine and citrus flavors with balanced bittering. Light, crisp and a hit of red just to let you know St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!

Rogue Space Monkey

6.0%, ?? IBU. The next installment of the series… Brewed exclusively with Simcoe and Mosaic hops, this haze comes across with notes of white peach and apricot with underlying notes of the dank and skunk you’ve come to expect from Space Monkey.

Belgian Imperial Stout

9.0%, 35 IBU. Notes of rich chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar with an extremely full body. Has a mild warmth on the back end, with a crisp finish. Call an Uber!

Can Confirm
Fruited Sour

4.5%, 7 IBU. Brewed in collaboration with 12 Gates Brewing Company. Notes of guava and lime on the front end, with enough sour and salt to scrunch up your face. Finishes crisp and dry. That’s a Texas-sized 10-4!

Where did our name come from?


Paying homage to Buffalo and its infamous lake effect weather, the name Pressure Drop first and foremost references the barometric pressure changes that are initiated by such a storm.

Secondly, the name eludes to the fluid dynamics associated with the science of brewing. When transferring beer from one tank to another, there is a pressure drop. And we transfer a lot of beer around here!

Where the magic happens.

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Pressure Drop is on tap in the Lakeward Spirits Tasting Room at The Barrel Factory! Come have a beer with us!

The Barrel Factory, 65 Vandalia Street, Buffalo, NY 14204