Brewing West Coast inspired beer in Buffalo’s Old First Ward.

Our Story.

Pressure Drop Brewing opened its Buffalo brewery in 2017 after years of brewing, both at home and at a craft brewery, out west. It’s this West Coast inspiration, combined with our beloved East Coast location, that shapes our craft beer.

We welcome craft beer lovers and novices alike to get to know Pressure Drop Brewing. Whether you’re a Buffalo native, new to the Nickel City or just passing through, our beer is made for you.

Space Monkey Ep. 3 Can

Flagship Beers.

Since the beginning, Pressure Drop Brewing has been crafting these flavorful beers in Buffalo.

Pressure Drop Brewing beer in a glass at the taproom

Brewed in Buffalo.

Pressure Drop Brewing’s beer is the brainchild of our head brewer, Karl Kolbe. You can taste his love for West Coast styles, high-quality hops and experimental ingredients in every sip. You’ll find rich flavors often accompanied by a crisp, dry finish in our brews.

Our Location.

We brew in five 34-barrel fermenters at The Barrel Factory, a beautifully restored and repurposed factory in Buffalo’s Old First Ward. You can find our beers on tap at the Lakeward Spirits Tasting Room at The Barrel Factory. Stop in and enjoy a pint with us!

Or, visit your local beer merchant or grocery store to pick up a few freshly canned Pressure Drop Brewing beers you can enjoy anytime. Shop our beer in stores across Western New York, from Buffalo to Syracuse.

Contact Us.

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, come have a beer with us! Pressure Drop is on tap in the Lakeward Spirits Tasting Room at The Barrel Factory!